Welcome to Poblacion!

Commune moved to Poblacion in 2015, just when the neighborhood was starting to light up. Granted, the street behind us has been awash in all sorts of lights since the 80s, our side of the neighborhood welcomed new food and beverage concepts in the latter part of 2013. It was El Chupacabra that christened Poblacion as the new place to discover and we all followed suit in search of a Makati location for small businesses and communities.

I always wondered if a nighttime destination like this hidden part of Makati would be suited for coffee drinkers but what do you know…Manila needs its coffee at all times of day. We started caffeinating partygoers before a night of revelry begins, we’ve sobered up our fair share of people and Commune has become an informal incubator of all neighboring businesses. Business owners who have set up shop in Poblacion would have had a meeting or ten, in Commune, before they launched their businesses.

The beauty of Poblacion lies in its community. It still is very much like a traditional residential village, with fruit vendors on wheels, taho vendors in the morning, fish balls in the afternoon, isaw at the corner, and binatog at 2pm. Here, we know neighbors and even their pets. And we help each other out…like people should!

So here’s an ever-changing map of our growing neighborhood. Come and visit! There’s coffee, lots of food and quality booze. Good music and amazing people are a given.

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