I’m Blogging! #herewegoagain

I’m blogging. And this time, it’s for real. I think. Well, it better be. I have challenged myself and I hate losing to me. So, in the the tradition of the internet, I have come up with a list enumerating why I should finally blog.

1. Everyone thinks I blog anyway.

I am active on social media. Okay, fine, I’m very active online. I love social media, I advocate the use of social media, I enjoy it and I do social media for a living. And since I am all over the internet and posting on one site or another, some people assume that I blog too. I don’t really blog. I microblog. I love Twitter. And I have taken to Twitter precisely because it’s not blogging. It’s saying stuff in 140 characters. It’s not committing to write full paragraphs with cohesive thoughts on a regular basis. In short, I tweet because it’s quick and easy.

2. There have been many failed attempts.

I started writing this post in 2014. ‘Nuff said.

3. I need help with writing deadlines.

Whenever I need to write…I get the (rare) urge to fix my entire house. Writing deadlines will either help me churn more words out…or help me Konmari my entire house. Any one of those things happening would be awesome. If I get both done, it would be monumental!

4. I used to contribute to publications. But none of my written works exist on the digital space anymore.

Well, except for my volumes of tweets. I have a lot to say and a lot to learn. Writing helps me distill information and prompts me to do a lot of research. 

5. I don’t own Facebook or Twitter.

I post so much on both sites yet one day, they might go bye bye with all the thoughts, half intelligent or inane, I have ever written. Some stories have to be told and sometimes, I tell those stories. My little stories need a home. And this is where it’s at.

Basically, blogging should be good for me. And let’s hope that it’s at least entertaining for you.

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